Top 8 Websites For Students For Earning Money

As a student, you will face cases when you will have no penny in your pocket, and you will fight for a small job while managing your studies. Super super challenging, so nowadays students look for different methods to make money wherever and whenever possible.

Honestly, we are blessed to be present in this digital age, as making extra money for students has never been easier. But in the age of internet and digital media, it is possible for students to make money from anywhere and everywhere.

Here are some top sites that can help you make good money, just by sitting at home with your laptop and a stable internet connection.


If you like to work confidently and want to build a personal brand, then you can make good money using Fiverr. You can use Fiverr efficiently and make money from it by offering your conveniences in a variety of different levels from writing, programming to graphic design and much more. The most interesting and interesting thing about this platform is that there are many random things you can do and be compensated, such as the girl who will read a message dressed in a weird fruit costume, etc.


You are probably not a stranger to this idea, this website basically allows you to rent people houses or apartments in different places around the world, and you can use this as a replacement for booking a hotel . So if you are lucky enough to have your own place or can convince your roommates then you can easily rent your extra space for guests for a few days and nights and earn a lot of good money from it.


College students can earn real money using this website; all they have to do is buy and sell domain names at a higher price. You may need some time to get used to it, but this job involves finding valid domain names for businesses, sites like Flippa is a place where you can auction domain names with a high price.

to YouTube

Well, I can not promise that you will become a viral celebrity right away, it’s entirely up to you! The money people get to socialize with YouTube and post ads on their videos varies, however, if you continue to post regularly, then you can increase your revenue to $ 10 a day and there is a potential you can earn even a hundred dollars if the canal is erected.

Up to work

Up work is the place where you can start a lucrative independent career while you are still studying. It all has to do with how you use your unique skills and make money from them. At work in height, you can do all kinds of tasks from SEO, marketing, social media, graphic design, writing you too can be a virtual assistant. Up work is by far the most popular online site for freelance work, but many other platforms offer the same services.

User testing

There are many websites claiming that you can make money simply by browsing the internet, this usually involves you installing an add-on to your web browser and getting paid for what you normally do on your website. Sounds nice, but does not make you any real money. User Testing is a website with the same concept but with a twist. With this site you can look at different websites and review them, for each review, you are paid $ 10 and it takes 20 minutes to write a review. Now, this way you can make good money.


If you believe you are good at taking pictures and have a good camera, then you can quickly sell your photos on major websites like BigStock Photo, Shutterstock and Dreamstime. You can sell pictures of your friends you have captured or your city and earn good income from them. It can also make you a major contributor to the website, and you can sell more photos.


Do you believe you are good at writing? Then scripting and self-publishing a book on Amazon can bring you a lot of money. Initially, it takes a long time as you have to write an e-book and then edit and edit it, but once it is published, you will earn reflective income which will come and you can sit back and watch the money flow out. a good idea to write your e-book during the summer holidays so that your studies are not interrupted.