Become A Record Millionaire – The Quickest Million Dollars Of All Time

In addition to hoping for a winning lottery ticket, the fastest millionaires become in the day. No, they do not marry for money and do not rob banks. Record millionaires make deals. Very great offers. The fastest way to make a million dollars a day is to buy and sell something. Or broker a deal where you get paid as a broker.

Think hard. Items such as $ 15 million luxury yachts and waterfront mansions and all sorts of high net worth items are bought and sold every day. I am not talking about becoming a real estate agent or a car dealer, although you may need qualifications to trade certain items and your ethical standards should be very high at these price levels. valid.

The point is, top ticket items pay very well because they require help to complete. Maybe you want to buy and sell a $ 20 million plane. For example, most deal manufacturers, especially when they start, do not have $ 20 in their account, much less the $ 20 million needed to buy and sell a jet.

But they know they do not need $ 20 million, they only need temporary legal control of the asset until the deal is done. This can be achieved in any way. Think about the modest exclusive deal you sign with your real estate agent if you are selling your home. Basically that contract hands over control of your assets to the agency. You can not sell it yourself and no one else can sell it except them. This is a simple business tool. If you were to sell the property under them before the expiration date, you would still be legally owed to the agency their agreed commission and they could legally enforce this even though they were not responsible for the sale.

This is a way to control a high value asset without having to buy it yourself. If you think about margins, at 20 million, all you need is a small 5% to become a millionaire overnight. If you can change deals like this, it becomes very lucrative.