Short History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It is a peer-to-peer currency and a transaction system based on a consensus-based public book called blockchain that records all transactions. Now bitcoin was envisioned in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto but was a product of many decades of research into cryptography and blockchain and not just the work of […]

How to Become Rich While You Are Still Young

I would like to edit the topic question: How can I become rich only when I am still young? One can also get rich through inheritance. Therefore, I am not considering inherited wealth. How do you create wealth yourself? It’s not easy. You will have to work really hard. If luck favors you, you will […]

The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency has not only provided the fastest way to transfer money, but also a new unit to trade and make money in addition to stocks and other commodities. While you can sell and buy Bitcoin directly, you can also use Bitcoin trading exchanges to continue your cryptocurrency trading. There are many exchanges where Bitcoin trading […]

Start A Cashflow Club

Cash flow board games, Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202 and Cashflow For Kids, were created by Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the Rich Dad book series, Poor Dad. Robert is a fourth generation Japanese-American who grew up in Hawaii in the 1950s. His father, the poor father of the title, was the head of the […]

The Five Laws of Gold

We live in an impatient era, and when it comes to money, we want more of them now, today, not tomorrow. Whether it is a mortgage deposit or clearing those credit cards that consume our energy long after we have stopped enjoying what we bought with them, the sooner the better. When it comes to […]